Cool-A-Zone has been family owned and operated since 2008. From the beginning, we sought to redesign evaporative cooling fans to be less noisy and to be “better to look at”. The result is a complete line of portable evaporative coolers called “CoolBox”.  The CoolBox’s provide solutions to cool the air where A/C is not possible or impractical. The product line cools an area ranging from 500 sq. ft. up to 4,000 sq. ft.


In 2011, we added infrared heater to our product line and called it “SunSpot” The SunSpot heats up immediately a range of 15 ft., it is IP-65 certified, along with three heating settings “low”/ “medium”/ “high”.


Our products are ideal for anyone who needs cooling or heating in areas such as: garages, warehouses, outdoor patios, restaurants patios, backyards, tailgates, stables, weddings, cooling trailers, hotel cabanas, valet stands, disaster relief, camping, outdoor concerts and events.


Our goal is to offer the best in cooling and heating while delivering excellent and personalized service. We are passionate about our product as well as our family.  



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Home Patio
Hillary Hobbs Radio Interview
CoolBox C-100 blowing 48.2 degrees
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Cooling Horses Too
OTC Booth
Cooling Dogs TOO
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Cooling Patios
Oil Field Cooling Trailer
C-100 is Taking Sweat Off the Menu
Cooling the Band
Cool Party
C-100 Cooling OTC booths
Couldnt be sitting outside w/o C-100
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Hillary Hobbs trade show
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Couldn't have a wedding w/out C-100
Take Sweat Off the Menu
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Couldn't have a wedding w/out C-100