How do the CoolBox units use water?

After you pour water into the water tank or connect your water hose to the water hose connector, the water will be pumped up to water distribution tray which will then slowly release water to drip onto the cooling pad. When air passes through the cooling pad, the water will evaporate causing the air temperature to drop.  

Do the CoolBox units drain water? 

If continually using, eventually all water in the water tank will completely evaporate and you will not need to drain any water. If there is water left over after using, you can drain from the water tank by unscrewing the drain cap located on the bottom of the back side of the unit .

How long will the CoolBox units run before I have to refill the water tank?

The water tank will last on average 8 hours depending on the outside temperature and fan speed that you choose.

What does the ionizer button do on the C-75 and anion button on C-100?

The ionizer is a static electric air purifier. If any dirt or dust particle gets through, it will take it to the bottom of the fan to prevent it from blowing out. 

Can you control the temperature on the CoolBox units? 

The CoolBox units have three fan speeds of: low, medium, and high. The unit's temperature depends on the outside temperature. For example, if you are in a location with high humidity, the air the fan blows out will be approximately 15 degrees cooler than the outside environment. However, if you are in a location with low humidity, the air the fan blows out can be from 20 to 30 degrees cooler than the outside environment. 

Can I use the Coolbox units indoors and will it make my indoor space humid? 

Yes the CoolBox units can be used indoors. If the CoolBox unit is used indoors for a long period of time, it can create humidity. To help reduce the humidity, you can back the unit up to an open window to allow for fresh air.

What is the recommended maintentance on a Coolbox unit? 

It is recommended that you replace the debris screens and the honeycomb cooling pad once a year

How can I make the cooling pads last longer and keep them cleaner? 

When you are done using your CoolBox unit, press the "Snowflake" button on the control panel unit until it is not lit up. This stops the pump from flowing more water over the cooling pad and begins to run the unit as a fan only. This will help dry out the cooling pad so that it does not sit wet overnight.  The cooling pads take approximately 20 minutes to dry out.

How can I clean the cooling pad in my CoolBox unit? 

You can use 1 cap of fabric softener poured into the water tank to clean the cooling pad.

How can I clean the air filter screens in my CoolBox unit? 

To clean the air filter screens, you can pull them out and wipe them off with a rag or rinse with water. 

Can I add essential oils to the water?

Yes, by adding a few drops of essential oil of your choice to the water can give you the aroma that you want in your area. 

How do I take apart a CoolBox unit? 

To take your CoolBox unit apart, unscrew the 8 screws from the back panel, then remove the back panel to access the interior.

Why is my CoolBox unit beeping?

The beeping sound may signal that your fan has run out of water and the water tank needs to be refilled. 

Can I put ice inside the Coolbox unit?  

Yes, the colder the water in your reservoir, the colder the air will blow. Ice cubes can be added from the filling gate where you add water or to the entire tank on the C100 and the C125 by removing the back panel. 

Can I lay down my CoolBox unit to transport?

Yes, we suggest laying the unit on it's back.