The Cool-A-Zone CoolBox is not an air conditioner. Unlike an air conditioner, they do not contain any chemicals and do not need to exhaust. The technology behind a Cool-A-Zone CoolBox is like the affect you feel from a breeze passing through rain. Rain droplets draw in heat and the resulting air feels cooler. Similarly, ambient air passes through the fan of the CoolBox and across the damp honeycomb pad resulting in up to a ten to fifteen degree drop in temperature.

The Cool-A-Zone CoolBox has a thick honeycomb pad inside of the evaporative cooler that is designed to saturate when it absorbs water so that as hot dry air is drawn into the cooler, it crosses the moist pad allowing the water molecules on the surface to evaporate which then cause the temperature inside the cooler to drop. As the fan spins to draw air into the cooler, it then pushes the cooled air back out quickly cooling the area around.

1. Water Distributor

2. Cool-A-Zone’s Water reservoirs hold up to 21 gallons. With the hose connection bib and float valve, you can run your Cool-A-Zone without refilling.

3. Cool-A-Zone’s Evaporative Pad

4. Cool-A-Zone’s Beltless, direct-powered fan.


The Cool-A-Zone evaporative cooling works by utilizing the power of evaporation to cool air temperatures. When water begins to evaporate from liquid to gas, it will lead to a drop in air temperature. Harnessing this scientific principal, Cool-A-Zone evaporative cooling can drop the air temperatures up to 25 degrees! As this map shows, evaporative coolers work best in the dry areas of the United States (red areas marked A) and can work somewhat in the blue areas marked B.